Got new brakes pads & discs and want to test them out?

Instead of braking hard immediately and possibly damaging the entire system, follow these 5 steps to make sure you get the very best from your new car parts:

⚠️ 1. Ensure this process is done in a safe environment, where you will not be obstructing other road users or breaking any traffic laws.

🔥 2. Reach 80km/h and feather your brakes a few times to raise their temperature.

🛑 3. From 80km/h down to 10km/h make 8-10 hard near-stops in a row. Take note that you never fully stop. You’re just firmly and quickly reducing your speed without excessively coming to a dead stop. At the end of each brake cycle, get your speed back up to 80km/h and then repeat this step until this process is completed.

❄️ 4. Once completing the last near-stop, get back up to speed and drive for 10 minutes, using the brakes as little as possible to let them cool down.

🚘 5. For a further 200km, try not to brake too excessively as this will help the brake pad and disc mate correctly.